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I felt like a real designer.
“I felt like a real designer.”
— Zoe, 7th grade
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STEM Enrichment + Gifts for Girls in STEM

Stay True Flowy Racerback Tank Women's Dream-It-Do-It Scoop Neck T-Shirt
Price: $19.99
Price: $17.99
flowy tank top teen girl gifts from Pretty Brainy teen girl gifts from Pretty Brainy include the Classic Scoop Neck T-Shirt
Who but a girl knows best what a girl wants? With this flowy racerback tank you can’t go wrong. Designed by a team of young designers and STEM students who have this message for girls, “Stay True, Be You.” Design in Navy and Emerald on the softest jersey around. SHOP NOW.
If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It. What better message to give yourself + the world? Created by a tween designer in our STEM of Fashion Design workshop. Palette is a perfect balance of Placid Blue, Celosia Orange + True Black on a Bright White T-shirt in a classic silhouette. SHOP NOW.
The STEM of Fashion Design Book + Designer's Kit FashionablyMashed: The STEM of Fashion Design, Workshop
Softcover Book + Designer's Kit: $49.00
Price: $59.00
Package set for STEM students + young designers: engages girls in STEM in a fun, rigorous, project-based learning kit. Girls STEM Workshop, Fashion Design
The STEM of Fashion Design activity book plus designer's kit in one. Provides STEM/STEAM learning + problem-solving from today's world of design. Unlimited design possibilities, critical thinking + core science + math make this an essential tween girl gift. AVAILABLE NOW.
Next Class Date TBA. Here's a real-world use for science + math: fashion design! From concepting to marketing, Fashionably Mashed® puts you in the role of fashion designer. Design a T-shirt + work with the decision making + problem solving real-world designers face every day. JOIN A CLASS TODAY.